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Paint directly over rust with POR-15 rust preventative paint!

POR-15 is a paint-like substance which acts as a total rust inhibitor and is also very effective as a metal filler. Its consistency is approximately that of a paint and it has very good spreadability (one quart covers 96 square feet).

POR-15 chemically bonds to rusted steel to form a rock-hard, non-porous coating that won't crack, chip or peel. It works by isolating metal from moisture. Without moisture present, steel can't rust. Thin, covering coats are best; POR-15 will accept all paints, including lacquer-based paints.

The Ultimate Rust Repair

"This article introduces the next generation of rust repair by showcasing two of the best anti-rust chemicals; POR-15 and METAL-READY. They put a one-two whammy on rust. To prove our point, we located the rustiest car we could find and performed a complete floor pan replacement. The key to the repairs is etching the new metal with METAL-READY and sealing it with POR-15 and paint.
With the inside of the frame extension exposed, we treated it with our METAL-READY and POR-15 rust busting formula. This ensures that rust will not be a problem in the future." -- MuscleCar Review, April 1990

Which Formula To Use?

BLACK is used on frames, floorboards, under fenders, engine compartments, trunk areas, etc.

SEMI-GLOSS BLACK is perfect for areas that demand factory original semi-gloss black such as frames, chassis, firewalls, inner fenders, suspension and body undersides.

SILVER contains metal filler and should be used on badly rusted steel to fill small holes and add strength to the metal.

CLEAR dries to a perfect satin gloss, and is used on exterior surfaces before final painting. Excellent for touch-up applications and may be used in all other areas as well.

Prices below are Suggested Manufacture Prices...... See Bruce's Prices!


Primer or finish coat
Floor boards
Trunk areas
Engine areas
Rocker panels

Black, Silver or Clear

PINT - $26.00
QUART - $38.75
GALLON - $123.75

Plus shipping costs.


POR-15 Super Starter Kit Only $17.25.

Try POR-15 out for yourself, at NO-RISK. We're so confident that you'll be impressed with our products that we put together these wonderful SUPER STARTER KITS, to let you try some for yourself for $17.25! You'll get a screw-top jar of POR-15 (enough to cover 12 square feet), a half-pint of METAL-READY, two wooden handle paint brushes, and a pair of our special high-dexterity surgical latex gloves.

Complete POR-15 Super Starter Kit Only $17.25, plus $3 shipping.

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