Tools for your Fiat, Alfa and Garage!

1) Spring Compressor. A must for removing front springs and a help with the rears! Set of two. $22 set!

2) Battery Cut Out. Reduce battery drain during storage. Made car thief proof with a simple twist of green knob. Remove knob and make it almost impossible. $7.50.


3) This is a great set ( 101 pieces ) at a great price. 3 quick release drives and all the accessories. Deep discounted to $25!

4) Fiat Valve Shim Tool.  Hard to get right now.. Inquire.

DOHC oem Tool

SOHC Standard Tool

DOHC HD Tool (not shown)

5) Oil Pan Drain Wrench

Fiat Original with non-slip rubber grip $18

Socket Type that fits on drive socket $6.00

6) Clutch Alignment tool (state type of car)


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